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Hotel & Cruise Site Selection

Your dedicated Conference Event Management hotel and cruise site selection team asks the right questions to understand your event requirements, then goes to work researching locations to fit your budget. Lets us help you save time when our team guides you to high–quality facilities and negotiates the lowest rates. The best part is, our sourcing service is at NO COST for you to use!

How it works:

Once you let our team know which is your preferred destination, we negotiate the hotel on your behalf, then thoroughly review your contract to ensure you are receiving the best rates and concessions, and the most protection for your event. We help reduce your financial risk and continue to be available to you for your future hotel rooming and meeting space needs. 


We research destinations and properties that specifically fit your needs. Then we create/submit requests to properties for their initial offer.




We set up a meeting to discover your custom meeting/event goals and requests. 



Once your contract is signed and countersigned, we turn the event over to you, along with our proprietary next steps document. Or if you choose any of our air booking, website registration or event management services, our event strategists will continue operation and planning. Either way, we remain here for you throughout the entirety of your event.



We’ll review and revise the hotel contract as necessary in order to present you with a ready–to–sign contract outlining your terms and our specifically added protection clauses to your benefit. With our careful review, you can reduce your financial spend and risk.   



We'll create a comparison proposal for you, outlining available properties and their initial rates, fees, meeting accommodations, concessions, benefits, and more.



Based on our custom-created proposal, you select your desired property and dates or request additional options. 



With your final destination and hotel direction, we finalize negotiations, including additional value-add items.

Is it really at no cost?

Yes, our sourcing services are complimentary to our clients. The hotel or cruise line pays us a placement fee for bringing your business directly to them, which does not adversely affect the rate you pay (unique to our event industry).


Unlike some companies, we refuse to accept any retainer fees (hidden or disclosed) or represent only higher-priced properties only to push them on you when they don’t fit your needs.  

We sit on your side of the table – not with the hotel or cruise and therefore offer unbiased recommendations with full transparency, accountability, and disclosure.


You’ll never pay an annual fee for our services. Our compensation is paid from the property’s annual sales and marketing budget.

Benefits of using Conference Event Management:

 Discounted room rates due to our professional negotiation techniques

 We work for you, not the hotel or cruise line, meaning we respect your budget and your needs

 Ensure contracts are verified and help assist you when needed to keep up with vendors obligations 

 Professional advice on where to host your event – and where to avoid

 Unbiased professionalism with bids from multiple, appropriate properties

 Increased concessions

 Improved attrition rates (more flexibility in committed room nights)

 Additional protection clauses

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