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Marketing & Gifting

Conference Event Management’s custom event marketing and gifting strategies help increase your number of attendees or qualifiers. When your attendees increase, so does your revenue and your potential to retain your audience through an engaging face-to-face event.

Event Marketing Capabilities

 Marketing Plan Development & Management

•  Qualification Status Updates

•  General Marketing Services

•  Registration Websites

•  Promotional Packages

•  Specialty Mailers

•  Themed Events

•  Surveys

•  Event Photography


•  Meeting Apps & Maps

•  Technology Meeting Apps

•  Creative Event Brand Campaign

    –  Name Badges

    –  Program Agendas

    –  Announcement Brochures

    –  Email Reminders

    –  Amenity Cards

    –  Luggage Tags

    –  Letterhead & Envelopes

Gifting and Merchandising

Imagine walking into a room filled with aromas of a crackling fireplace and genuine leather. You wrap your hands around a warm cup of hot chocolate as it is passed to you and listen to the sizzle of the fire. In front of you is a display of handcrafted wooden watches, tightly woven blankets, and curated leather boots. You run your fingers along the thick winter blankets, and lean in closer to examine the wooden timepieces. You just entered into a gift suite experience that captured all five of your senses, making the experience unforgettable. This sensory suite experience is the way of future rewards, and one of the best ways to incentivize employees.

One Brand, Multiple Products

Conference Event Management can bring in a variety of products from one brand so that recipients are rewarded with a high-quality gift of their choosing. These types of gifting experiences can be paired with themed cocktail parties, music, appetizers, and more to provide the most memorable reward.

Multiple Brands, Multiple Products

When one brand doesn’t provide enough variety for the diversity of interests within a corporation, multiple brands can be represented within a suite. For example, a jacket, three pairs of sunglasses, a suitcase, two pairs of shoes, and two watches can be curated into one gifting experience.

100% Customizable

Some brands offer gifting experiences that allow recipients to completely customize their product while on site. For example, if the brand was shoes, the recipient could choose the size, style, and colors of the product to suit their preference. The product would be shipped to each person soon after the on-site experience, providing a second opportunity to impress.

Local Inspired Gifts

When your attendees are out of the country or even just out of the state for a conference, meeting, or incentive trip, indigenous gifts to that specific place are often attainable. These gifts serve as memorable trinkets that will keep your company’s trips top of mind for attendees far into the future.

Tommy Bahama
Sandal Gift suite
Purse and Bag gift suite
Watch gift suite
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