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Total Event Management

Banff & Lake Louise, Canada


August, 2016


Fairmont Banff Springs

& Lake Louise


Financial Industry



Fairmont Banff Springs
Banff, Canada


When the vice president of one of our financial companies hired us to plan all of her special events, our team was completely on board as she has always allowed us to create some of the most coveted and classiest events in the industry. In 2016, we took approximately 50 VIP couples on an agent incentive trip to Canada. The event required marketing and communication strategies, managing a high profile celebrity, implementing a gala, distributing individualized gifts, planning an exclusive lunch, and handling several activities.

Our ambitious team of event strategists quickly created an action plan for success, then coordinated and communicated every detail of a marketing campaign for the home-office launch, security for the celebrity’s VIP walk-throughs, challenging helicopter clearance regulations, and a unique Canadian gala in a historic venue. We also ensured that this event didn’t look like the company’s competitor's events. As a result of Conference Event Management’s behind the scenes dedication, our team crafted one of the most successful events of the year, helping our client enhance their sales relationships.


Lake Louise, Canada
  • Personalized gifts for each attendee and a meet and greet with the celebrity

  • Access to high level activities and venues that were already sold out

  • The best reviews from attendees of any trip


“CEM has been the go–to travel vendor for us since 2009. All of our trips are highly customized with extensive detail and CEM has worked diligently on each trip to make the experience rich in memories and unique in adventures. They willingly add the value that is necessary to make our trip high–end and memorable. Customizing trips is not inexpensive, but CEM goes the extra mile to make sure we are getting the best price available. They not only negotiate on the front end but continue to do so after the event – this is a ‘stand out’ feature of CEM that will keep me coming back.”

– Vice President

Banff & Lake Louise, Canada
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