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Total Event Management

Maui, Hawaii


Hyatt Regency Maui


April, 2008


Financial Industry



Beach Welcome Dinner
Paddle Boarding


Conference Event Management arranged a relaxing and memorable incentive trip to Hawaii for a group of producers when unexpectedly a major airline carrier, Aloha Air (scheduled to fly in the client’s guests), went out of business less than a day before the scheduled group arrival in Maui. By the time Aloha Air notified ticket holders of their closure, some of our producers were already in flight to Los Angeles to catch their connecting flight to Hawaii.

The situation immediately became urgent for Conference Event Management to assist these travelers with rebooking their tickets. Due to close industry connections and dedication to correct the situation, the event coordinators at Conference Event Management quickly rebooked 100% of the travelers within the day on American Trans Air. All producers made it to Hawaii and enjoyed their luxurious island stay.

Coincidentally however, American Trans Air also suddenly went out of business between the passengers’ arrival and their departure. Conference Event Management had to fly into action to once again rebook every passenger on another airline. Tickets for our group members were immediately rebooked, never adversely affecting the attendees and allowing them to fly home to get back to other obligations. Other visitors to the island were told they would be delayed a minimum of five days getting back to the continental U.S.

As for the client’s extra air expense, CEM was able to get all of the additional air fees refunded to the client, saving them frustration, worry and over four hundred thousand dollars.


“I can’t thank you enough for the manner in which you handled the recent Aloha Airline bankruptcy, followed by ATA going under, all while we were on site with our program in Maui. Your professionalism and calm demeanor during this whole process kept the entire group at ease, but most of all, the way you pulled it off was amazing. There were so many passengers who could not get re-ticketed for several days, yet your team instantly knew all the steps to take to ensure we would not be stranded on the island.”

– President

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