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Total Event Management

Spain & Portugal


October, 2017


La Meridien Barcelona, The Principal Madrid, Fontecruz Lisboa Hotel


Major Donor Group



Paddle Boarding
Beach Welcome Dinner


We had a very prestigious group of donors travel to Barcelona for a week of touring museums and city attractions. Shortly after their arrival, news hit that all city workers were to go on strike the following day, without regard to tourism, health care, and public transportation. All employees of transportation companies, churches, museums, most restaurants and tours closed down. The following day, streets were swarmed with protesters.

Our team immediately recognized the consequences of the strike for our group, which would trap them inside the hotel for an entire day to avoid massive crowds. Our lead planner and her coordinator quickly identified solutions for entertaining the group and worked through the night to monitor the situation. They hired vendors in a small Mediterranean sea village about 40 minutes away called Stiges to pick the group up from their hotel and take them on a day of fine dining and leisure activities, saving the group from a day of boredom. They were able to safely experience a town full of architecture, culture, art exhibits, seaside views, and more.


“When our group was faced with a major itinerary roadblock on the first full day of our adventure, CEM came to the rescue and figured out a way to make the day a great success. I am especially grateful for their efforts.”

– President

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