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Why Groups Love to Cruise

Are you thinking of booking a trip for your incentive group? There’s certainly plenty of options if you’re looking for a nice destination, ranging from Athens to Washington D.C. However, instead of sorting through the alphabet of destinations, it may be in the interest of your group to see multiple destinations on the big C. Cruise, that is!

More incentive groups are cruising now, and many refuse to go back to regular destination incentive trips because of the group experience that cruises provide.

One of the first reasons groups enjoy cruise ships is because they are an all-inclusive experience. Once your group’s members board a ship they don’t have to spend another dollar on dining until they get off. It’s nice to know that everything (dining, entertainment, activities, etc.) is taken care of! Beverage packages can be built in at the time of contracting. At the same time, if travelers would like to spend their own money for an upgraded experience such as gambling at the casino, a treatment at the spa, or an upgraded dining experience, ships can provide that as well. This flexibility works well for many groups and makes it super simple for the event planners.

Groups also enjoy cruises because they allow members to meet together if needed, while also providing everyone the opportunity to do some activities on their own or simply have some time alone. To take advantage of this cruise ship benefit we always recommend that event planners leave some free time in the itinerary for members to be able to choose their own adventure. A great group trip will provide an excellent balance between group and individual time.

The last reason groups love to cruise that is covered here is because they prevent event planners from uncertainty. There’s only so much room for a ship to have changes and that occurs when it’s taken off the market for renovation, so once you’ve seen the ship it isn’t going to significantly change before your group’s next trip. This prevents the awkward situation where a group books an incentive trip in the perfect location, only to find their hotel undergoing significant renovations or closed amenities.

If any of the reasons above make an incentive trip on a cruise sound appealing for your group’s next trip, Conference Event Management staff can walk you through some alternatives that may work best for your group.

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