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Cruising Trends - Cuba here we come!

In the constantly evolving world of cruising the destinations change almost annually and the amenities change even more frequently. This blog will explore two emerging destinations and a new trend among ship amenities.

The first destination with increasing popularity is Cuba. For years Americans were not allowed to set foot on the Caribbean nation’s shores, despite being just a short trip from Florida’s coast. In July 2015 this changed when the United States reached an agreement to re-establish diplomatic relations with the nation. Since then more tourists have been coming into Cuba and cruise companies feel increasingly comfortable taking American passengers to the nation. Since the land-based infrastructure is not yet built up for group comforts, a cruise is the perfect way to explore this country.

The other destination more people are traveling to during the warmer months of the year (May through August) is Alaska. There’s likely many reasons for this, but for a long time Alaska has been a popular bucket-list destination that people want to check off.

When looking at ships’ amenities, more and more companies are differentiating themselves via specialty restaurants. Gone are the cruises that force everyone to eat at one of two times in the same dining room, and new are the restaurants that provide you with flexibility when you dine and provide a new experience. This includes restaurants set up by celebrity chefs and restaurants featuring exotic and luxury cuisine.

What’s popular in cruising is up to the passengers, with cruise lines understanding the need to continue to innovate in order to bring more business on board. Share your hot buttons with your Conference Event Management cruise team to determine what options are on what ships.

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