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Hotels That Ruin Your Event And Have You Calling “MAYDAY! MAYDAY!”

Many companies who don’t use a NO-COST hotel and cruise partner to help them evaluate their hotel selections often do the hotel research on their own and take too many risks. They don’t understand how a third party can actually save them considerable time and money, all while minimizing their financial risk at NO COST to them. Every year, we get several horror story calls from new prospects who ask us to get involved and help them out of a troublesome contract they shouldn’t have signed on their own.

Hotel & Cruise Research

At all costs, you need to avoid:

  • Picking a leisure hotel that provides excellent stays for senior management’s vacations. Only certain hotels actually “do” groups well. You need to know which ones fall into this category to avoid a disappointing event.

  • Finding a hotel online that you feel will deliver for your event. Have you spoken with other planners who have had events there, only to be disappointed? There are too many unknowns, and having professional guidance can save your event’s success.

  • Repeating a booking with a hotel you haven’t used in a few years without asking all the right questions and signing the contract “sight unseen.” We recently sent three clients on a site visit to a group hotel that we’d used in years before with raving success, insisting that they also allow us to showcase alternative hotels. All three clients refused to sign the contract with the intended hotel and thanked us for sharing our knowledge on the changes in management, room product and service levels. Hotels can go out of style as quickly as fashion trends.

Using our NO-COST hotel and cruise research and contracting services helps ensure you won’t end up calling “Mayday!” Find out why so many clients refer us and come to count on our unbelievable services, especially for repeat events.

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