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How the Pot at the End of the Irish Rainbow Can Ruin Your Event

International destinations continue to be hot for group business. How long will it last? Foreign conversion, forward contracts, VAT / GST processing, customs shipping—what areas of expertise and savings are missing from your “pot” that can cost you tens of thousands with your event?

  • Booking directly may result in your quickly signing off on a contract without knowing what you don’t know, including potential savings opportunities.

  • Speculating on the dollar can be dangerous. Your partner should help you understand the 15% rule to determine whether booking in this destination is the right move for your company. Making the wrong choice can ruin your event’s dynamics and future event budgets, too.

  • Failing to conduct a site inspection or going on a poorly-planned one is a waste of your staff’s time, and it devalues your trip. Know what is essential to include and which destinations to avoid.

  • Picking the right destination at the right time is critical. Some years, there are important reasons why some of the most popular destinations should not be at the top of your list. Also, sometimes it’s great to be at a specific destination on a specific day (in Ireland for St. Paddy’s Day, for example), but other times, there are special risk factors you should know about.

When you partner with our destination experts, you get additional value-added benefits that often result in rebates and discounts that you can’t get on your own. Putting these dollars back in your event budget can often help you offset bringing more attendees, paying for your site and reducing your overall event budget. Due to the large volume of events we plan all over the world, we can help guide you to success—whether it’s in the Caribbean, Mexico or even the spectacular country of Ireland.

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