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Explore New Client Features on the Revamped CEM Website

As part of Conference Event Management’s summer-long transformation to revamp client relations strategies and enhance every single service we provide, we also developed a brand new, client-focused website that enhances user experiences, delivers expert advice, and provides user-friendly navigation. Our purpose in enriching this valuable resource is to make business and communications easier, and to inspire extraordinary events! Here are the top features of this new site.

CEM website


The new services pages illustrate and outline enhanced amenities we provide for your event needs. Visit the Total Event Management page to learn about our a la carte planning services, or the Hotel & Cruise Site Selection page to see the benefits of using a third party to source your events.

Current Clients

Our clients love our technology tools and are so loyal to us, therefore we created an option for hosting event registration websites. Details, information, agendas, and travel tips can be outlined in a completely customizable and password protected setting.

Blog (Planner Tips)

You can count on us to become the resource you seek for event news, ideas, tips, and suggestions. Check out Planner Tips for Helpful Traveler Apps, and much more.

Case Studies

We are proud of our portfolio of past event assignments. Read the stories of some of our client’s most important experiences and become inspired by each event’s highlights or photo gallery.

Community Registrations

For our non-profit friends, we now offer a complimentary registration portal. Ask if you qualify for CEM to sponsor your website build and hosting.

Navigation Improvements

The new and improved layout and design of each web page provides a user-friendly navigation experience to ease each visitor’s use of the site.

Take a moment to see why we’re so excited to launch this new resource, and as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or even just to say hello – we love a good chat!

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