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Trendiest Gifting Options that WOW

Imagine walking into a room filled with aromas of a crackling fireplace and genuine leather. You wrap your hands around a warm cup of hot chocolate as it is passed to you and listen to the sizzle of the fire. In front of you is a display of handcrafted wooden watches, tightly woven blankets, and curated leather boots. You run your fingers along the thick winter blankets, and lean in closer to examine the wooden timepieces. You just entered into a gift suite experience that captured all five of your senses, making the experience unforgettable.

No longer are the times when recipients are rewarded with generic one-size-fits-all type of gifts. This sensory suite experience is the way of future rewards, and one of the best ways to incentivize your audience. While the options for brands and products are endless, the delivery methods are now more refined than ever.

Gift suites

One Brand, Multiple Products

Brands like Canon, Bose, and many more take on suite experiences that highlight the best qualities of their brands, and help set the excitement for recipients. Gift suites can feature cocktail party themes that set the stage for employees to engage and mingle together while selecting their personal gifts. Parties like these can include food and drinks, DJs playing music to feature the products, or projectors displaying high quality images. Recipients may get to choose between different products from the same line (Bose, for example may display headphones, speakers, and sound systems).

Multiple Brands, Multiple Products

When one brand doesn’t provide enough variety for the diversity of interests within a corporation, multiple brands can be represented within a suite. For example, a North Face jacket, three pairs of sunglasses, a suitcase, two pairs of sandals, and two watches can be curated into one gifting experience.

100% Customizable

Some shoe, clothing, and leather goods brands provide options for individuals to completely customize their products at an event site. Participants can choose their favorite colors, styles, and designs for their personalized product, and it will be shipped to them soon after. This option provides the opportunity to not only WOW a participant while on site, but also upon receipt of their gift when it is delivered to their home.

Now is the time to start creating memorable experiences for your top recipients in order to promote hard work, loyalty, and dedication to your company’s values, culture, and productivity.

To learn more about gifting experiences and options, contact Kellie Richardson, Events and Promotions Coordinator at or 515-254-0289 ext. 6.

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