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How many companies do you partner with that focus on culture? Most are likely to have given it some thought, some don’t quite ever get around to defining it. For those that do, how many times can you recall seeing printed and hanging on their office wall - “Our Culture is Focused on Creating Extreme Value for our Clients?”

At Conference Event Management we have never tried to claim that we’re “normal” or “average” or “the norm.” We don’t believe we are. We believe we are unique and bring many attributes to our clients that have allowed us to be client referred for 15 years. How many companies can build a business based on referrals only? Perhaps not many – that makes us proud to be one of the few.

How did we get here? Plenty of hard work, rigor and discipline, care and compassion, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks … the list goes on. We believe though that the extreme value we create for our clients is irreplaceable and goes a long way. Sure, we’ll never be the most profitable when we have a culture focused on the value we create for our clients; that’s ok. Instead we’re going to be there for our clients when they need us.

So when we find a deal we can choose to pass on, we’re proud to do so. Whether it’s telling you how we can personally manage getting you a VAT discount to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, to picking a location that helps you save more money due to foreign currency conversion, to helping you pick a destination that offers your company discounts and a hotel rebate that we won’t keep – we’ll pass that on to you. We refuse to accept hidden hotel rebates, we don’t sign your contracts, and we don’t push the wrong hotels on you. Our integrity ensures you get the best valued friendships, valued relationships, and valued future opportunities.

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