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I heard my client complaining because they had too many boxes of candy and nuts delivered to her office around the holiday time as all the insurance carriers were sending in food and her staff couldn’t get it out of their office fast enough. Why waste the money on sending them a gift to celebrate the holiday with them that they didn’t keep for themselves, that got lost in the shuffle, that wasn’t appreciated. Being the queens of giving (we have our own gifting division), it was easy to shift gears and instead ask our clients – who would you like us to donate on your behalf.

For over ten years we have been donating to three or four charities each year around Thanksgiving time that focus their energies on hunger and homelessness. We’ve also had the opportunity to accommodate client ideas which included sending off checks for mosquito nets in Africa, as well as for Farmers Feeding the World.

We are so pleased to be able to show our appreciation one more time each year with a donation to a great charity and we’re pretty confident our clients appreciate this more than they would a box of chocolates on their desk. We are pleased to continue this tradition, and while we switch out our charities of choice on occasion, it’s always in honor of our clients and our key vendors who we are truly Thankful to have the opportunity to partner with and work beside.

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