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Opportunity to Discuss Women’s Initiatives with the Governor and WBOs

I love this picture taken of me giving a speech, standing next to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. She had just finished speaking and encouraging the women in the room to step forward and be bold. As our first woman governor and a great supporter to our NAWBO chapter, it was fun to follow her. As she had so much energy, I knew I had to up my game and came out with a battle cry for the women in attendance, encouraging them to help build up one another and take charge.

And why not, as we had already heard earlier on this night that women were still hauling their husbands to the banks to get business loans just thirty years ago. They didn’t even have credit cards in their own names. This seems so foreign to me, yet it was reality and to celebrate those who paved the path for women to get their own financial credit and to take out loans on a night like today was rewarding as truly, women do make history.

What actions are you are taking today as a woman business owner to drive it forward? Are you serving on a board – we already know that creates more sustainability and profitability for the organization – so why are so many men still resisting this – do they really not want to be more profitable? Are you a mentor? Are you volunteering? Are you speaking up? Do you promote integrity and ethical behavior and join in for a good cause?

Believe in yourself and others will see the difference in you. Volunteer to step forward and you will make a difference.

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